Who We Are

Phyllis Alesia Perry is a lifelong word weaver. As a journalist who is the daughter of a journalist, as a novelist, as a communicator working on behalf of organizations and individuals, she has spent more than 30 years weaving together stories of all kinds.


Our self-definitions are based on the stories we weave, about ourselves, about our world, and about our relationships.


Born in Atlanta, Georgia, and raised in Tuskegee, Alabama, Perry earned a degree in journalism and spent 16 years working as an editor and reporter. She was part of a Pulitzer Prize-winning team of writers and editors at The Alabama Journal in Montgomery, Alabama. She is the author of two novels, “Stigmata” and “A Sunday in June.” She has also worked as a communications officer for Morehouse School of Medicine and communications coordinator for the nonprofit Men Stopping Violence. More recently, she has used her writing and editing skills to help organizations and businesses market themselves and, as a coach, assisted individuals with their writing challenges.

She believes that there is powerful energy in “The Story,” because once you define yourself through a positive and powerful narrative, whether as an individual or as an organization, your actions in the world naturally follow.



Makalani Reginald Randall (1970-2013) was the co-founding partner of  7 Chakras. It all started for for him back in junior high around–ahem!–1982, when he frequently skipped lunch so that he could get time on the school’s Apple IIe in the computer lab. Since then he’s been an incessant tinkerer, explorer, collecter and fixer of all things with a circuit board.


If we devote enough time, patience and study, we can solve virtually any problem.


He went on to study English and psychology at Morehouse College. Makalani had over 20 years combined experience in desktop support, web development and design, cloud computing, database administration and office management.

Although he began his career in an administrative capacity in the legal and finance industry, he soon found himself more often being the defacto tech support guy.

A native of Atlanta, Makalani indirectly started his own computer service business by helping friends and family.

He was a soaring spirit and a creative and inspiring partner. We miss you!