The Heart of Everything

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The birth of 7 Chakras Media grew out of a recognition that we all need each other, and that self-expression is, in some sense, a collaborative act. Without a receiver, the giver may make the mistake of thinking himself or herself alone in the universe. I think this is true whether you are designing a Web site or constructing a short story.

I’ve been a writer my whole life. I know the beauty of it, and its power. But in the past I’ve made the mistake of living almost completely in my head, completely in my writer’s identity. So I’ve spent a lot of time talking, without really being aware, except in a hazy way, of whom I’ve been talking to. Not only does that attitude cut you off from a full and abundant life, it makes you kind of a one-note song. While writing is a beautiful tool, you can’t really construct a complete self from that one aspect of your existence, that single skill set.

I often advise aspiring writers to do whatever they can to get used to the solitary nature of the work. But even when you are alone in a room with your words, you’re not exactly alone in a room. Because what writing points to is the vital need to connect – the need, as a human incarnation, to live inside a story and then spread that story out as a kind of foundation to stand on. Story is the heart of everything about being human, it seems. Story is meaning. But that doesn’t mean that it’s reality (more on that some other time).

Nowadays, I try to remember that as I talk to myself through my writing, I am releasing something, some energy, into the ether. It’s not my job to figure out how that affects humanity, the cosmos, or anything else. It’s just my job to be aware that it does and to continue.