Bustin’ Out

Posted by on May 8, 2012 in Blog, Writing | 0 comments

We’re bustin’ out and we don’t give a damn; if you don’t like our funk, then take your stuff and scram. – Rick James

This song has been on autoplay in my head over the past few days, because I’ve been thinking about the obliteration of boundaries, about busting out of the little life prisons we often find ourselves in when we play by the so-called rules.

Promises were made. I was told that if I got educated and worked hard and excelled, that the world was mine. Well, it was for a brief moment, but that was not a permanent offer. The world stopped rewarding me – and a lot of us – and we found ourselves in a very tight space.

I know a lot of former journalists like myself, with decades and decades of very impressive experience, who have, frankly, been tossed on their ear in this always-shifting economy. (I quit before they could toss me, but still …) But writing and editing skills are universally needed, and those are gifts I’ve been given that no one can take back. So we must re-think all of those boundaries, stand on tip-toe and peek over the wall of our little prisons and see what goodies may be out there just waiting to be grabbed.

So that’s how I got here, delving into Web copywriting, SEO, social media marketing, et al. Sometimes this busting out business can be uncomfortable. But my whole career has been about being thrown into the deep end of something, and breaking the surface awash with new skills and new courage.
So here I am, peering over the wall. Time to blow this joint.